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Montfort Care and PSP

Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges. Our team of social service professionals provide community-based social services to empower lives and strengthen communities.

​Since 2019, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) appointed 10 Parenting Support Providers (PSPs) to deliver parenting support services on a regional basis so that more parents are able to access and benefit from parenting programmes. Montfort Care is the PSP for the Bukit Merah / Kreta Ayer region. 

Below are some of the schools in the region that we are working with:

Primary Schools

Blangah Rise Primary School

Cantonment Primary School

Gan Eng Seng Primary School

Radin Mas Primary School

River Valley Primary School

Zhangde Primary School

Secondary Schools

Bukit Merah Secondary School

CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent

Crescent Girls' School

Gan Eng Seng School

Outram Secondary School

We provide services for 3 evidence based programmes, and they are:

1) Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

2) Purposeful Play

3) Signposts for Building Better Behaviours

Register your interest for our programme(s) via or scan the QR code below:

Alternatively, all interested parents, regardless which school your child is from, are welcome to give us a call or email to find out more.

QR Code - Montfort Care Parenting Suppor

Upcoming Events

Webinar - Child

25 May 2024

Triple P

Positive Parenting Program® (Triple P) is a scientifically researched family support strategy which enhances the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents, as well as reduce parenting-related stress. It equips parents with simple and practical strategies to help

  • manage your children’s behaviour

  • prevent behavioural and emotional problems from developing

  • build strong, healthy relationships within families

Developed by clinical psychologist Professor Matt Sanders and his colleagues at Australia’s University of Queensland, Triple P has been tested with thousands of families through more than four decades of ongoing research.

Triple P is not a “one-size-fits-all” course. It offers increasing levels of support to meet parents’ different needs. Montfort Care offers the Level 2 (Seminars and Webinars), Level 3 (One-to-one coaching) and Level 4 (Group Work).

Purposeful Play

The Purposeful Play programme seeks to help parents develop their child through play and common home activities. It introduces ten evidence-based strategies that equips you with the knowledge and skills to:


  • Think about ways to create a warm and stimulating home environment for your child

  • Use everyday activities to develop language and problem-solving skills to enhance your child's school readiness, as well as to bond and strengthen your relationship with your child. 


Purposeful Play is conducted in-person for parents, together with their children aged 4 to 6 years old. Parents are encouraged to attend all five sessions to ensure comprehensive learning. Print programme handouts (no digital versions) will be given per family. It is fully subsidised by MSF and parents are not required to make payment prior to attending the group sessions. ​


The two evidence-based strategies covered for each session are as follow:


Session 1 - Warm and Gentle and Play

Session 2 - Tuning in and Routines

Session 3 - Following your Child's Lead & Shared Reading

Session 4 - Listening and Talking More and Watching Screens Together

Session 5 - Teachable Moments and Community Resources

Signposts for Building Better Behaviour

Signposts for building better behaviour is a programme that equips parents with skills to help them understand, prevent and manage their child’s difficult behaviour through the development of a personalised programme that suits the unique needs of their child. Parents are also taught to develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour. ​


Signposts consists of 5 group sessions Signposts sessions are conducted in-person for parents with primary school-aged children only. It is fully subsidised by MSF and parents are not required to make payment prior to attending the group sessions. ​


These are the topics that will be covered in each session:


Session 1 - Measuring your child's behaviour

Session 2 - Systematic use of daily interactions

Session 3 - Replacing difficult behaviour with useful behaviour

Session 4 - Planning for better behaviour

Session 5 - Developing more skills in your child

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